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Five Dead In Oak Bay Suburb

By KJ Mullins     Sep 5, 2007 in Crime
An upscale home in Oak Bay was the grisly murder scene Tuesday of four adults and a six year old boy. The B.C. suburb isn't where you'd expect to find a mass murder that was so bad that it upset even seasoned veterans of the police force.
The five were killed without a bullet. Officials aren't releasing any other details. There was evidence that something was attempted to be set on fire at the scene.
The team of investigators said that who was responsible laid dead with the others.
Some of the victims include a restaurant owner and his wife who had legal problems. The bodies would likely remain in the home until Wednesday as the police called in blood-spatter experts and other crime scene investigators Regional coroner Rose Stanton said.
When asked why a blood spatter team from Vancouver was being brought in when the coroner said no gunshots were involved, a police officer at the scene responded: "Use your imagination.
"It's bad, for 30 years of doing this, it's bad."
This was not a random act. The assailant laid dead at the scene and knew the other victims.
Police arrived at the scene after a 911 call came from the residence at 3 a.m Tuesday morning. Upon arrival two bodies were found. Police backed out of the house when the bodies were found and started an evacuation of the closest 6 homes. It wasn't until hours later when they entered the home again did they find the additional three bodies.
"Our main priority now is to ensure the persons are properly identified," said Oak Bay Chief Const. Ron Gaudet in a short statement to the media.
Thirty police officers were on the scene at one point. The case will be investigated by a dozen.
Neighbours were alerted to the crime as sirens barrelled into their neighbourhood.
Neighbour Maureen Ross was awakened early Tuesday by the noise of police vehicles.
"I got up at 4 (a.m.) and I could see the police vans, I could hear noises. I said to my husband, 'it looks like there's something going on up the road."'
Another witness said that a they could smell gas and police told them that there was a gas leak.
The home in question was listed on the market recently for over $1 million dollars. It was owned by Sunny Yong Sun Park, a Victoria businesswoman. The family owned a Victoria Korean restaurant.
Christabel Padmore, who bought the bakery-restaurant next door last February, was shocked by the news of the deaths and suggestions it was a murder-suicide.
"It was not the relationship that I saw on a day-to-day basis," she said. "It's impossible for me to think that either of them were involved in this way.
"They seemed to get along just fine at a professional level and Peter was a really happy, easygoing guy," said Padmore, who saw him fairly often until the couple was in a car accident a month ago in which Lee was charged with dangerous driving causing bodily harm.
Both he and his wife suffered injuries in the accident.
"Sunny had a fairly badly broken arm and Peter had a head injury. He had a severe concussion and was having some problems with his memory," said Padmore
"Holding a conversation was a little bit difficult for him," she added.
"He really wasn't happy about being in the accident but didn't seem like a changed man or anything."
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