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Sexual Assault Friday At Carleton University

By KJ Mullins     Sep 3, 2007 in Crime
A twenty-three year old woman was assaulted on the campus of Carleton University in Ottawa. The assault took place on the third floor of the Steacie Building in a science lab. The building is used by the school's chemistry students.
The assault happened just after midnight on Friday August 30, 2007. The young woman was working in the lab for some time before her attacker walked in the room.
She was sexually assaulted after passing out from a beating. The woman's injuries included her jaw being broken and dislocation of her shoulder.
Before the attacker left he had cleaned the woman's body and made off with her jeans, one running shoe, her underwear and her cellphone.
He put all of those articles in a Macy's bag and fled on foot.
It's unclear if the attacker took the items to remove DNA evidence or to keep as souvenirs of his brutal crime.
"It could be both. We won't know why until we get the guy," said Sgt. Jim Davies of the Ottawa police sexual assault unit. As of Sunday night the woman was still in hospital recovering. She has spoken to investigators.
The police has given this crime highest priority. Stranger assault crimes are rare in Ottawa.
Campus safety director Len Boudreault of Carleton University says this is the worst attack he's seen in his fifteen years at the school.
"To have a situation like this take place is terribly unfortunate," he said. "The last reported sexual assault (on campus) was over two years ago."
Boudreault said the building is usually locked by 11 p.m. or shortly after and then "you're in or you're out."
The victim called 911 from a phone in the lab. The call was directed to campus security who called the police.
While the labs have no surveillance cameras all of the areas that do where the suspect could have been taped have been given to the police.
The suspect is described as a white man in his 20s. He is between 5'8" and 5'9", clean shaven, bald and broad shoulders. The victim reported that he had been drinking and was English speaking.
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