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Sagging Breasts Need A Lift? Cup&Up To The Rescue!

By RobotGod     Sep 2, 2007 in Health
Soon, you will be able to have your sagging breasts lifted on your lunch hour! An Israeli company, (Minimally Invasive Mastopexy) has developed a two-hole breast lift procedure to insert what amounts to a permanent push-up bra under your breasts.
inventorspot reports that if the human trials are successful, the huge anchor incisions on women's bodies, made for the "aesthetic" lifting of sagging breasts, may just become a thing of the past.
Breast implants are among the most invasive of cosmetic surgeries. The removal and then placement of breast tissue, requires lots of incisions, as well as often removing and replacing the nipple. They are painful and can take weeks to recover from. Sometimes they are not successful and require another surgery.
The new technique is called the "Cup&Up" and it involves the insertion of a silicone implant through two small incisions. It attaches to the ribs and connective tissue with a few small screws and some surgical thread.
They used pigs for their first subjects for "Cup&Up" testing because their skin is the most similar to human flesh. The pig Cup&Ups were successful for "staying power, tissue reaction and damage or injury to muscles or ribs."
Now with MIM is ready to conduct human trials, plastic surgeons everywhere are trying to get their patients into the clinical trials.
It should be readily available in a few years.
Are we so vain that we are even willing to have a push up bra INSIDE our skin, and screwed into our ribs? Seems like asking for trouble to me.
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