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Maggots fall into maternity unit

By RobotGod     Sep 1, 2007 in Health
That's right, maggots from a dead seagull fell through the ceiling of a hospital and into the maternity unit. A spokeswoman for the Hospital called it, “an extremely unpredictable consequence of seaside living”.
The Sun reports that the dead seagull fell through the ceiling at Scarborough General Hospital.
The spokesman also added that this event was not linked to Scarborough and North East Yorkshire NHS Trust cutting their spending on maintenance in a bid to save £15m.
Dr Ian Holland provided an explanation: the bird died on the roof, which had not been checked in the regular maintenance schedule. He also said that their was not any risk to babies or other patients.
Dr Holland said: “Living at the seaside, seagulls are a part of our lives, but this was entirely unforeseeable.
“It appears that a seagull died on the tiled roof above the maternity department.
“Unfortunately this led to there being larvae in the roof cavity, a few of which found their way through the ceiling fittings.
“As soon as we became aware of this, we took immediate action, bringing in specialist equipment to remove the dead bird from the tiles and cleaning out the roof cavity.
“I’d like to thank staff for their prompt actions and hard work and apologise to mums and families for any inconvenience.”
The spokeswoman denied that there was a hole in the roof and said "The bird died on the roof and the maggots got under the tiles and then went through the light fittings."
I for one have never known maggots to eat through a ceiling, whether they go through tiles or light fittings. I am sure they have all sorts of new slang at this hospital, such as "Mag ward" or mag-ternity"
Such is sea-side living.
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