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article imageGiant Spider Web creates bug buzz in Texas

By Chris V. Thangham     Aug 30, 2007 in Environment
Near Lake Tawakoni State Park in Texas, a giant spider web blankets a nature trail that engulfs seven larger trees and dozens of bushes. Park Officials wonder whether a single or a community of spiders behind this bizarre phenomena.
Nature lovers walking along a train in Lake Tawakoni State Park will come across a huge spider web that covers almost 200 yards blanketing several trees, bushes even the weedy ground.
Even though it looks ghastly in site, it helps to control the mosquito population at the park. The spider web originally appeared white in color now it has a brownish look because of all the mosquitoes it has trapped. One park official Donna Garde said at times she can hear the screech of millions of mosquitoes caught in those webs.
There has been a big discussion going on the web whether this huge spider web is a community effort or the spiders just spreading the net from one location to another. No one is sure what type of spider builds this web or what caused it to create this huge spider web. The park officials also have found similar phenomena at other parts of the park but smaller in size.
Herbert A. Joe Pase, Texas Forest Service entomologist said this could be a once in a lifetime event and a rare occurrence.
While it is creating a buzz in the web and across the world, one entomologist John Jackman, Texas A&M University, says the spiders always do this. Probably he thinks if left undisturbed Spiders can create a huge web. He said if he can get a sample, he can try to figure out what type of spider is responsible for this giant web.
Garde, the park superintendent after hearing all the controversy about this spider web in the internet, wants them to stop fighting and visit in person to find out the type of spider that is responsible for this web.
The park officials expect this web to last until October 31 after which they expect the spiders to die and the web might come off the trees soon after. Hope the above spider web lasts until Halloween.
Have you seen a giant spider web like that? There are some spider webs in my small garden; I let them grow because they catch the bugs that harm the plants.
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