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Texas Plans Three Executions This Week

By Laura Trowbridge     Aug 28, 2007 in Politics
Defence lawyers are keeping busy this week in their attempts to prevent three executions from happening as scheduled this week in Texas. On schedule for lethal injection this week are inmates DaRoyce Mosley, John Amador and Kenneth Foster.
Four hundred executions have been carried out in Texas since capital punishment was reinstated to the prison system in 1982. Twenty-one death row inmates were killed so far this year, with another nine to go that are listed on the Texas Department of Criminal Justice site.
32-year-old DaRoyce Mosley is the next to die tonight at 10 PM unless he can get a stay of execution.
His death sentence is for the murder of Patricia Colter in 1994. She was one of the four people killed in a robbery at a bar in Kilgore. Mosley admitted he took part in the robbery, but claims it was his uncle that did the killing.
The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty says: "Mosley maintains his innocence. He signed a confession after hours of interrogation without a lawyer present.
"His uncle, a co-defendant in the case, testified against Mosley and received a life sentence, yet several people have come forth saying that his uncle bragged to them about committing the crime."
Mosley is pleading for his life on a website that is supporting him.
"I am asking for my life, an innocent life, to be saved," he says.
"I don't feel that I am asking for too much at all. Time is running out for me and I am here, pleading for your help."
The prosecutor for the case says Mosley is guilty and everyone can be confident about the work the law enforcement did to bring Mosley to justice.
Sky News reports that Amador is scheduled for execution tomorrow for killing a cab driver in 1995.
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