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article imageThe Laundry: Paper Recycling at its Very Best

By Chris V. Thangham     Aug 27, 2007 in Environment
Bioregional Development Group, a green project company, has started a recycling operation called “The Laundry” in which they take the waste papers from you and give recycled papers instantly for reuse.
Bioregional Development Group’s main intention is to improve the recycling efficiency. Instead of sending waste paper abroad for recycling, they want to do it locally and pass the benefit to the users. In many cases, when papers are sent for recycling abroad, the participant seldom sees the recycled paper or uses them; this laundry effort will help them to utilize the recycled paper.
This is how it is done: Participants involved in this project hand over their “dirty laundry” (waste paper) in blue laundry bags, which are picked up and cleaned. After the process is complete the participant receives 100% recycled paper. Thus the waste products are utilized 100% in the form of recycled paper.
The recycling locally also helps to reduce energy consumed in recycling efforts by not sending it abroad. According to the Bioregional Development Group, this process results in a whopping 93% reduction in the ecological footprint associated with paper making when compared to virgin pulp.
However, the Bioregional Development Group is not satisfied with the above effort -- they want to convert their trucks to utilize 50% biodiesel and invest in carbon offset schemes for remaining emissions. For more information about this project, click here. This is available currently in London.
I think this is an excellent idea. If they do this in offices, they could save a bunch of money in reducing new paper costs. They can easily pick up waste paper from offices and offices get 100% recycled paper in return. Either that or the recycling paper companies can have similar projects established in collection centers currently established.
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