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article imageWorld's Largest Design Award, Top 6 Winners Announced

By patxxoo     Aug 25, 2007 in World
The Index: Awards philosophy is "design to improve life" and this years top design award winners will get 100,000 each.
From a low cost prosthetic foot to a solar bottle that purifies water using the sun, these designs may improve the lives of many.
The 2007 Index: Awards were presented Aug. 24 in Copenhagen to the top six design award winners in the following categories: body, home, work, play, community and one people's choice out of 110 top nominees.
Sebastien Dubois photo courtesy INDEX:
The Body Award goes to Sebastien Dubois for his "Mobility for Each One" energy-return prosthetic foot that can been produced for $8 in any conventional local workshop versus the standard $1,300 to $4,000 dollar range currently charged.
Mobility for Each One photo courtesy INDEX:
This prosthetic could help approximately 25,000 people worldwide that are mutilated by land mines every year that otherwise would not be able to afford a high-quality prosthetic. This prototype has been tested by volunteers successfully and a proud Dubois may go on to the next phase of development.
I feel very proud and am very honoured to win this award, as it, just as my project, aims to improve the quality of life. I hope the award will serve as a showcase and help Handicap International find the financing needed to
optimize Mobility for Each One and to spread awareness of it fabrication techniques.
The Home Award goes to Alberto Meda and Francisco Gomez Paz for their "Solar Bottle" which they designed as a low cost water purification bottle that is called an improvement on the SODIS household level system.
Solar Bottle photo courtesy of INDEX:
This bottle is a four liter, flat shaped container that is stackable and makes for easy storage with a handle for easy transport. The contaminated water is placed in the bottle and exposed to full sunlight for a certain amount of time (the SODIS system 6 hours) which is said to destroy the pathogens, the new design is said to improve the performance of the solar disinfection.
This solar bottle could very well be utilized by one sixth of the world's population that currently face the risk of diseases in the water system such as typhoid fever, Hepatitis A and cholera to name just a few.
The Work Award goes to Philip Greer, Lisa Stroux, Graeme Davies and Chris Huntley for the "Tongue Sucker" which is designed as a simple lifesaving device that anybody could use in an emergency situation to draw to tongue of an unconscious person off the back of their throat using suction, to allow the person to breath freely with the airway unobstructed.
Tongue Sucker photo courtesy of INDEX:
This simple yet useful device could reduce the critical time without oxygen of an injured unconscious person if used by persons on-scene and allow CPR to be performed until paramedics, who's average arrival time is 12 minutes could get on scene for further treatment.
The Play Award goes to Elon Musk, Martin Eberhard and Barney Hatt for the "Tesla Roadster" a 100% electrical powered sports car that has zero emissions and can go from 0 to 60 in four seconds. It's battery takes 3 and a half hours to recharge but can run on that same charge for a range of 200+ miles. So the actual cost is approximately 2 cents per mile.
Tesla Roadster photo courtesy Tesla Motors
Now this car won't in your average family price range, the "Tesla Roadster" is being marketed at the high-end prices range and as a matter of fact the initial production run already sold out within four months to buyers such as George Clooney and Arnold Schwarzenegger and is expected to be on the streets in October.
The Community Award goes to Rebecca Allen, Christopher Blizzard, V. Michael Bove, Yves Behar, Walter Bender, Michail Bletsas, Mark Foster, Jacques Gagne, Mary Lou Jepson, Nicholas Negroponte and Lisa Strausfeld
for the "XO Laptop" a laptop computer that is about the size of a standard schoolbook and very lightweight. It has been designed to be shock and moisture resistant while it can be powered via a hand crank, a pedal, or even a pull-cord with an enhanced battery the extends the recharge-cycle life.
XO Laptop photo courtesy INDEX:
This small and durable laptop is currently priced at $135-175 dollar price range though the goal is to offer them at $100 by 2008 as part of the One Laptop per Child foundations goal to allow children in countries that have never been exposed to computers the knowledge and ability to grow up and be able to compete in the world of information economy on an equal standing.
The People's Choice Award goes to Han Pham for "Antivirus" which is a cap that can be placed onto any ordinary soda can and used as a safe disposal method of hypodermic needles in low income countries where needles are sometimes used, thrown away then later found in the trash and sometimes resold back into into the health care system, therefore increasing the transmission of blood-borne diseases and the possibility of needle stick injuries.
Antivirus photo courtesy INDEX:
Approximately 50% or more of injections in poorer countries are said to be unsafe. The cap was developed by Han Pham, who was herself a victim of an infectious needle when she was eight years-old and had received a tetanus shot in a refugee camp in Singapore as a boat refugee from Vietnam and got ill as a result.
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