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article imageQuixtar Wins Rulings In Lawsuit vs. Woodward, Brady and TEAM

By Paul Bright     Aug 24, 2007 in Business
The TEAM, formerly known as Team of Destiny, lost a few key rulings today in their attempt to defeat Quixtar, formerly known as Amway and subsidiary of Alticor. Is this the last stop for Woodward and Brady?
Judge Rules In Favor Of Quixtar
The Team of Destiny may have had it’s destiny fulfilled, but not in the intended manner.
According to a press release and several news reports, a Michigan judge has ruled in favor of Quixtar on two of the three lawsuits brought before them by former employees and associates. Orinn Woodward and Chris Brady were the heads of a group formerly called the Team of Destiny (now just known as TEAM, standing for “Together Everyone Achieves More), an organization employed by Quixtar to train their independent business owners (IBOs) on how to sell Quixtar products and recruit other sales persons. Brady and Woodward had a disagreement with Quixtar and wanted to be released from their “no compete” clause in their contracts. Several other high-ranking Quixtar members joined them as well.
However, Judge Paul Sullivan of the Kent County Circuit Court ruled that Woodward and Brady are not allowed to use Quixtar business data in recruiting other former Quixtar IBOs. Furthermore, the judge ruled that Woodward and other terminated employees must return confidential documents back to Quixtar, documents they had taken before being terminated. Furthermore, an injunction request to keep Quixtar from firing employees based on Quixtars rules of conduct was also denied. IBOs are also prevented from distributing any training material conceived by Woodward, Brady and the TEAM
Quixtar representatives were satisfied with the judge’s rulings.
"After these defeats, Mr. Woodward's credibility is down to zero," said Quixtar spokesman Rob Zeiger to the press. "Woodward has ignored our rules, abused the legal process, defied the court, and misled the people who believed in him.We stand by our main point: Terminating Orrin Woodward and ridding Quixtar of his abusive business practices was absolutely the right thing to do."
"Some very brave IBOs have blown the whistle on Quixtar's illegal business practices” said Chris DeWitt, IBO representative in a statement for the press. “This is just one small skirmish in a very long and involved battle. In the end the IBOs will prevail."
However, one main accusation still remains to be settled. A California case of IBOs vs. Quixtar that will be heard on September 12 concerns the IBOs trying to declare Quixtar an illegal company.
Several protesters were present outside the courthouse during the hearings. Many were dressed in dark suits and white shirts with buttons reading “I got burned by Quixtar”, according to several press reports and the suing IBO’s website,
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