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article imageLast Borehole Drill In The Utah Mine Tragedy

By KJ Mullins     Aug 23, 2007 in World
As the families wait for word the final borehole has been drilling into the Crandall Canyon mine. The five other boreholes have not produced any sign of life for the trapped miners who were sealed into the mountain over two weeks ago on August 6.
The rescue effect has met with disaster earlier last week when three miners perished while tunneling towards the miners trapped. Six other miners in that same incident were injured according to an account on Yahoo.
"This is the last hole," mine co-owner Bob Murray said at a news conference Wednesday night. Drilling it, he said, will "bring closure to me that I could never get them out alive."
The families have not given up hope but know that this will be the end of the rescue attempt unless there is a clue that the miners are still alive.
"He doesn't realize that what we have now is hope, and maybe our family members are not alive, but we want our bodies out," said Jackie Taylor. Her daughter is dating one of the six men trapped below. "We want proper burials."
Wednesday the fifth borehole punched through revealing only a 152-millimetre void in the mine 457 metres down. There were no sounds recorded. Oxygen levels have not yet been measured for the latest borehole. The fourth borehole's oxygen levels showed that there wasn't enough of the precious gas to sustain life.
Regardless if it takes three months to wait for the seismic activity to stop, they want some method to go down and get their families," Sonny Olsen said. Olsen is a lawyer for the families.
The families are angry that the company has suspended the tunneling effect in the search after the last collapse.
"I didn't desert anybody," Bob Murray told The Associated Press. "I've been living on this mountain every day, living in a little trailer." Murray is co-owner of the mine. "I can tell you right now, we are not going back into that mountain," he said.
The assumption is that a mountain bump caused the original cave-in. That though will never be known for sure.
"Had I known that this evil mountain, this alive mountain, would do what it did, I would never have sent the miners in here," Murray said earlier. "I'll never go near that mountain again."
Murray still contends that the cave in was caused by a natural earthquake while government seismologists say that the first collapse is what has caused the lingering "bumps".
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