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article imageSuper-thin LCD TV only 2 cm thick

By Paul Wallis     Aug 23, 2007 in Technology
The new 52-inch TV uses less than half the power of current Sharp products, and has a better contrast ratio, 100,000:1. The signal is received by high speed wireless link, and the only cable required is for power. The prototype weighed in at 25Kg.
There are still some hurdles. The thing uses millimeter wavelengths and has a dataload of “several” MB per second. According to this PC World article millimeter waves require line of sight, and the signal can be interrupted by just passing a hand between the source and the TV. So it’s not coming on to the market just yet.
25kg is also pretty heavy. For something over four feet across, that would make it a major grunting exercise, just to move it around the living room. If it fell on someone, like a kid, in particular, it could do some real damage.
However, this is overall quite an achievement, and the problems are likely to be fixable fairly easily. More important at the moment is that high definition and color resolution are greatly improved. Anyone who’s ever meandered through a TV showroom and seen exactly how bad some of those extremely expensive pictures really are would probably know what I mean. Impressive, not very, and rarely.
What’s probably going to happen is an improved digital screen which can handle the weight problems and the need for a good reliable feed for the digital signal. Commercially, making expensive appliance-monsters usually isn’t the best strategy. Consumer resistance to the sort of prices with which digital TV has been slugging buyers is a big factor. There just isn’t that sort of domestic budget for most people, and someone is going to have to bite the bullet and come up with a cost effective system.
I really have to say, this thing would probably work a lot better if someone hadn’t gone for the wireless option. If they’d designed it for cable, it’d be close to viable as a commercial product, even at this stage of development. One plug, more or less, in the present day home, doesn’t make a lot of difference.
See also Thespian’s DJ article on rollup LCD newspapers, for an idea of other possibilities. Sometimes you have to wonder if these guys are paying attention to research in their own fields.
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