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Facebook Banned from Corporate America?

By Chris V. Thangham     Aug 22, 2007 in Lifestyle
Is corporate America banning Facebook at the office? Sophos, a securities company says 45% of employees surveyed said their employer blocks Facebook access at work. Executives think that using Facebook at work is a drain to productivity.
Corporate America thinks Facebook is a threat to their business and worker’s productivity. Sophos, a securities company did a survey of different companies and found 45% of workers indicate that their employers block their access to Facebook at work. And another 7% more say the access is restricted depending on the particular job’s necessity to access the Facebook network.
Executives polled have also said they worry about security issue of the company, when there is more chance for the employee to reveal too much information about the company. Businesses also have worries about safeguarding their trade secrets. This concern matches well with Sophos survey, which found 41% of Facebook users are willing to share personal information to strangers on Facebook.
Sophos found that half of the companies that allow Facebook access consider it as a valuable networking tool. On the other there are companies like SM2 which offers tools for businesses to track employees at work, what sites they visit. It is like a camera watching your every move. So spending more time at Facebook will spell trouble for the employee.
Facebook has good and bad points as far as businesses are concerned, it all depends on what the owner and the policies dictate. Facebook has added so many applications like chat (Meebo), file sharing (, etc., which can be used wisely with customers and build a good rapport with clients. The employees also know too much time spent on Facebook outside of work will cause troubles for them at workplace. As long as the work is done in a timely manner, banning Facebook at work will not help much. Besides even if they prevent web access, there is always iPhone and mobile access of Facebook, they cannot block.
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Do you think banning Facebook at work is a good idea?
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