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article imageThe 11th Hour: Leonardo DiCaprio Narrates

By Bob Ewing     Aug 22, 2007 in Environment
This video narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio is bound to be as controversial as Al Gore's video. The comments on YouTube alone, all 205 of them, already establish that the sides are lining up to praise or blast this video.
Once again into the breach, this latest attempt to convince people that global warming is the read deal has already met with considerable opposition and support.
The battle lines have been drawn even tighter because this film is not simply a look at the impact of climate change on the earth but takes apolitical stance as well.
The promo video that is included with this story gives you a quick look at what you can expect from the 11th Hour.
What I find sad about the global climate change debate is that there are ways, economically and environmentally sound ways to reduce the human impact upon the earth, our home and these ways are being shoved aside as we try to outshout one another to establish who si right and who is wrong.
If we stop the bickering and focus on sound community economic development issues such as the many possibilities fungi, for example, offer us.
Also neglected is the possibilities that growing and producing food at the local level provide or the opportunities that come with concentrating on ecosystems restoration. We have the answers.
What we lack is the will.
Another frightening thought is that Red Green may turn out to be our wisest sage when he says I'm pulling for you. We are all in this together.
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