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article imageSpider Turns On Owner; Owner Turns Spider Over To SPCA

By Carolyn E. Price     Aug 20, 2007 in Lifestyle
A Long Island man knew he was in trouble when his pet tarantula started rearing up on its hind legs and baring its fangs. D'ya think so? Holy crap, just look at that picture. If that thing reared at me, I'd be flinging my cast iron frying pan at it.
MSNBC is reporting that the New Yorker recognized the rather obvious danger signs that his hairy pet was displaying and called the Suffolk County SPCA. The SPCA picked the five-inch long spider up from its owner earlier this week.
In one of the oddest quotes of the week, SPCA Chief Roy Gross says that the Ornate Golden Baboon spider is a type of tarantula that can be moody. Moody? Did you know that spiders could get 'moody'? He says that when a Baboon spider rears up on its hind legs, it could possibly jump up to three feet and can deliver a very painful bite with its large fangs. The spider's bite is being described as kind of like being hit with a hammer.
The Ornate Golden Baboon spider's natural habitat is in the deserts of south western Africa and it just loves hot, dry climates. Well, I for one, really really wish they'd just let them live just where they're supposed to!
Eric Denemark is an entomology major at Cornell University. Apparently, part of the school's program is breeding the little buggers, tarantulas that is, and Denemark is one of the breeders. Denemark also sells them to online retailers. Denemark tells Newsday: "It's just a nasty spider. It's perfectly natural to keep tarantulas, but I think this one was a little out of his league."
However, Chief Gross sees things just a little bit differently: "There are so many unwanted dogs and cats that would make good pets. What kind of love can you get from a spider?"
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