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Demonstration Against Police Officers Who Are Paid For Ticket Quotas

By Laura Trowbridge     Aug 20, 2007 in Politics
A demonstration is being held today at the Redford Township, Michigan police station to protest the policy of the police department to award the officers with overtime pay and incentives to meet ticket quotas set by the department.
Redford Police department's new policy of paying officers time-and-a-half wages for the amount of tickets they write for traffic violations , regardless of how many hours they actually work, is coming under fire by the activists and clergy of the city.
The officers are being paid one hour of overtime pay for every two traffic tickets they write. The average overtime pay for these officers is $41 an hour.
Many Redford Twp. residents are not happy about the new policy. One college student from Redford told a reporter that the police are just trying to make money and that he needs all the money he has to go to his college expenses.
Other residents are saying the cops are being seen all over the city now, and are giving out $140 tickets for traffic violations.
Redford Police said they began the police traffic detail program as an incentive for officers working overtime to concentrate on traffic enforcement.
The new policy has increased the presence of the police being seen out in the community as well as adding to the city's revenue.
Officers said every time the program goes into effect, the fatality numbers from accidents decrease, and the program is for the citizen's safety.
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