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article imageSix Ways to Ruin a Good Night's Sleep

By Chris V. Thangham     Aug 20, 2007 in Health
If you are not getting a proper good night sleep, it maybe because of simple mistakes you make are to be blamed such as using gadgets like BlackBerries, iPods, watching Television etc.,
Alex Chediak, President of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, tells us what are the mistakes we make before we go to bed and recommends the following to get a great good night’s sleep.
1. Early Bedtimes: Going to bed early seems to be a good idea, but until the Sun has set and the circadian rhythm, the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle aligns properly with the sunset, it is better to wait. Like sleeping at 8:00 PM may look fine, but the circadian rhythm has not set yet, so it may pose problems later with sleep with waking up at odd times. Dr. Chediak recommends us to wait until we get drowsy to fall asleep and making it a practice to wake up at the same time, so the body goes through a preset routine every day.
2. Bedroom Gadgets: Watching Television, using handhelds like iPod, Blackberry’s, Palm PDA’s etc., are best left alone and not allowed in the bed room. They pose more distraction than help the sleep. Reading a book is a much better alternative.
3. Having a Nightcap or Two: Just because we are having trouble falling asleep, drinking a few beers or wines doesn’t help. Beers makes us drowsy but disrupts the sleep later; we will wake up groggy later and with a hangover that will disrupt sometimes the whole day. Try to avoid beers or bar scene if you really want a good sleep. Even drinking caffeine or tea later during the night will affect sleep, it is best not to drink them in the night.
4. Working Until Bedtime: If you are working in the computers and do the work until you feel sleepy, is not a good idea. It is best to have a relaxed mind before you sleep. Try to have a gap between work and sleep every day and maintain it as a routine.
5. Watching the Clock: Watching the time pass by and worrying about not able to sleep will not help. Dr. Chediak recommends reading a book, or solving a crossword puzzle, once we feel drowsy, then we go to bed and not worry about what the clock shows.
6. Dark Mornings:
Dr. Chediak says Morning routine plays a vital part in our sleep success. We should let the body know when it is time to rise and the best way he says is to expose ourselves to some bright lights and get about 20 minutes of early morning light exposure. Early mornings are also good to do some exercises like walking, meditation etc., it is quiet and peaceful.
It is best to cultivate the above habits in order to get a good sleep in the night and not twist and roll in the bed and feel grumpy the next day.
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