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Op-Ed: Less Invasive Breast Surgery

By patxxoo     Aug 17, 2007 in Health
Introducing the "Cup & Up" internal bra that is being promoted as threat to push-up bras everywhere.
So far this less invasive surgery has not been performed yet on humans. Instead pigs are standing in as silicone implant subjects for the time being.
Just why they are promoting this surgery as a replacement to the current crop of under-wires and push-ups is a bit beyond me as all it really is a less invasive form of a breast lift in the form of a kit that will most likely sell at a fast and furious rate if and when it reaches the market.
This kit will have two silicone cups, threading material and oh yeah we can't forget the titanium screws.
The pro side of this surgery:
1. Less invasive than the current form of breast lift with includes: the removal of excess skin, the reshaping of breast tissue and of the nipple being moved upwards.
2. Less scarring because it is less invasive.
3. Less surgery time, which in the current methods used can be up to three hours.
4. They are saying it will cost less than the current lift surgery.
The con side of the surgery:
1. The silicon cups could harden under the skin.
2. Discomfort for women with larger breasts as they could feel the harness type device pulling against their ribs.
3. As in the current breast lift, gravity can and will most likely cause sagging or drooping again at a later date therefore you can bet on another surgery somewhere down the line (they are estimating it to be around ten years). Unless by that time you are willing to keep your saggy breasts.
4. Think titanium screws, need I say more?
Of course their are more pros and cons to these surgeries and I would highly suggest anyone thinking about any enhancements to thoroughly check them out, along with whatever doctor you are thinking of using and then to really stop and think twice anyway.
Now another aspect to this particular surgery is that test on humans of course has not been done at this time instead read on to see just how they are currently testing their product.
"There isn't a single animal tissue or organ that behaves like a female's breast, not even in monkeys," said Gur. "Since the pigskin most closely resembles human skin, we inserted silicon implants inside the pig chest wall and supported them by using our device. We were testing staying power, tissue reaction and damage or injury to muscles or ribs. The results showed the Cup&Up held in place nicely without complications; this paved the way for human clinical trials, a major juncture for the life of any company."
I could use a boost myself but I just don't see myself stepping up to the plate on this or any other invasive surgery that isn't needed, though others have found it a good personal choice for themselves and are happy with the results. All I hope for is the best to them and just research any and everything involved as it's your body and you should be well informed of all the risks first. as we have all heard horror stories of some having complications.
"It may sound scary but take a look at cosmetic and plastic surgery - that's much more invasive," said Gur. "The most prevalent procedure in the world is breast implantation. Who is the crazy woman who agreed to be the first woman to put silicon into her body? Very strange things happen within the cosmetic world and the MIM is not as crazy as it sounds; that's the end point of what I'm saying."
For more information check out the Meytavti website.
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