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Most Americans Disagree with Administration on Iraq, Expect to be Lied to

By John Rickman     Aug 17, 2007 in Politics
A majority of Americans expect that the administration will attempt to lie to them about the progress of the war in its upcoming report by the Army’s top commander in Iraq.
A CNN Opinion Poll released at noon on Thursday August 16, 2007 found that roughly 65 percent of those polled oppose the war while a bare 33% support it with 12% of those reporting that they could change their mind in light of new evidence leaving a scant 21% of the respondents in firm support of the war.
What is even worse, from the Administration’s point of view, is that over half of all the respondents EXPECT the Administration to lie to them when it releases the expected progress report following the “surge.”
33% Favor the war—more or less
65% Oppose the war—more or less
Do you favor or oppose the U.S. war in Iraq? 24a. Is your mind made up about the war in Iraq or do you think you could change your mind?
Aug. 6-8 2007
Favor/mind made up 21%
Favor/could change mind 12%
Oppose/could change mind 17%
Oppose/mind made up 47%
No opinion 3%
As you may know, in September the top U.S. commander in Iraq will report to the President and Congress about how the war is going. Do you trust him to report what's really going on in Iraq without making the situation sound better than it actually is, or don't you feel that way?
Aug. 6-8 2007
Trust him to report what’s really going on 43%
Do not trust him to report what’s really going on 53%
No opinion 4%
More than half of the American’s polled believe that Bush will lie when the report in finally in.
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