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Man Shot With Stun Gun As He Tries To Leave US Hospital With His Baby

By Michelle Duffy     Aug 15, 2007 in World
In a shocking clip from a CCTV camera in Houston, Texas, a man is shot with a Taser gun after trying to leave the hospital with her in his arms. The 30 year old man is now claiming his baby girl was seriously injured in the incident
After a claim by both the mother and father of the baby girl against the Woman's Hospital of Texas of ill treatment, the parents of the new born decided to leave when the man was shot with a stun gun.
The man seen in the video clip here, William Lewis, was not allowed, by his wife's doctors, to leave the building with the child. As the baby was still wearing her wristband, it let off a sensor in the hallway outside the ward causing all exits of the floor to shut down instantly.
As the piece of film here clearly shows, the man was shot by a security guard at the doors of a lift as the man was trying to leave.
Both himself and the baby were supposedly injured in the attack. The man is now saying that the incident has serious injured the baby.
The guards, seen here also, attempted to talk calmly to Mr Lewis who was angry at the time. One guard shoots, whilst the other picks up the baby as Mr Lewis fell to the floor. The baby is then quickly returned to her mother.
Yet the sides of this case now in hand are standing very firmly apart from each other - Houston Police say they are not intending to investigate the actions of the guard who shot Mr Lewis. In the same turn, Mr Lewis send this video to Associated Press for their view and a serious amount of publicity.
The incident which happened in April just gone, has since been followed by various tests carried out on the child, who Mr Lewis claims, was seriously injured in the attack. MRI scans have proved that the child did not suffer any injury.
The baby is now in the care of the Protective Services since a strong history of violence runs in the household where the child was residing.
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