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article imageOp-Ed: China's Tallest Building Catches Fire, Does Not Collapse In On Itself

By RobotGod     Aug 15, 2007 in World
Shanghai's World Financial Center, the tallest building in China upon completion, caught fire yesterday, but did not collapse. A miracle surely! Because we have been told that all steel buildings collapse within 2 hours.
Over at Alex Jones' Prison Planet they talk about how eerily similar the building is to the Twin Towers, which were destroyed on 911. I am sure that alot of people expected it to collapse.
"According to an eyewitness, the building caught fire around 4:35 p.m., and floors above the 40th floor were shrouded with dark smoke. The fire was fierce, burning debris fell from the building. Many people fled the building in panic," reports Epoch Times.
"According to Mr. Deng, a local resident, floors above the 30th floor were engulfed in thick layers of smoke, while the top of the building was also smoking."
They figure the fire began at 4 P.M. and it was put out at about 6 P.M. The duration is important.
Remember, that the south tower of the WTC burned for only 56 minutes before collapsing, the north tower lasted around an hour and 45 minutes. Official transcripts of the firefighter tapes say fires in both towers were almost out immediately before the collapses.
Of course there was no plane. Right? Remember, that did not stop WTC 7 from falling into it's own foundation. Within 7 seconds.
Thank God that after physics had been rewritten, God put it back in play for the good people of Shanghai.
Hundreds of buildings worldwide suffered major fires that gutted the entire facade of their structure before 9/11 and did not collapse, but since the twin towers behaved differently, rather than consider an alternative explanation for the collapse of the towers, experts simply decided to reverse the fundamental precepts of all known physics to make it easier for everyone to understand.
In Spain the 32 story Windsor building burned for 24 hours in Madrid's business district. Of course, the press reports all began with the words "fear of collapse."
That building was again steel and concrete.
What about the 56 story Venezuela Skyscraper that burned for over 17 hours? Afterward, they inspected it and called it "very Solid".
I could go on forever. It seems that pre-911 physics were correct and their revised physics just do not stand up to the light of day.
Yes in the case of 911, a plane hit the buildings. That is irrelevant. Offset that with a fire that rages for 17 hours or so and you have a rough equivalent.
The facts just do not hold up to the evidence all around us.
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