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article imageBehind The Citizen Journalist: Face To Face

By RobotGod     Aug 16, 2007 in
Behind The CJ. Where the spotlight is on the Journalists. This week we take an up close look at several Citizen Journalists. I also have a chat with Gotthescoop about DJ, religion and...animals.
Welcome to another edition of Behind The CJ, where we delve not into the news, but into the background of our very own Journalists. This week I sat Scoop down for a discussion about religion and how DJ has affected some of her views concerning spirituality. I also dusted off a small section of the DJ Family Album.(Some pages could not be dragged out of the vault)
When I saw the name Gotthescoop for the very first time and what she had written, I thought to myself, "Great, another religious person out to convert anyone and everyone.". I could not have been more wrong. In a place like DJ you quickly learn that people here are never that simple. The people here are complex and often passionate. And for the most part, very open minded. Scoop intrigues me. She is so many things. She is obviously far deeper then she lets on here. I wanted to ask her how she had changed through DJ.
Muse: How did you discover DJ? What made you stay when you did?
Scoop: A friend of mine introduced me to DJ this winter. I had never "blogged" before, really didn't understand the whole concept. I had visited sites designed to do just that, but found them visually boring and never really got into it. I really liked the professional appearance of DJ, and enjoyed reading the numerous stories. I have always liked to write, but had never really done much, and DJ seemed to offer up a great opportunity to do just that - write. Other sites seemed to restrict me to just commenting, but with DJ I could actually post articles, and do so in a creative way.
Muse: I know that you are a Christian and are very strong in your religious beliefs. Has DJ strengthened that? Have some of the stories and debates made you question any of that? Have you found that you have a more open mind?
Scoop: I think that DJ has had a softening affect on my Christianity. I come from a very fundamentalist family, with a mother and sister that are far more militant in their beliefs than myself. Not to say I am not fully Christian. I believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins. I believe in God. I believe in the scripture of the Holy Bible.
I guess what I have come to realize, from participating in DJ, is the overall intolerance of people in general. Both those in agreement, and those in opposition, of a position of "faith".
Prior to DJ, I couldn't understand why all of the "Christian Bashing" went on so often in the media, both in print and on television, but I can see it now.
We really are all just "people" and as such, we need to accept each other as just that. I think the war in Iraq, this big push by our government to paint the people that practice a religion so far removed from our Christian faith here in the US, (that Christian faith in the US still seems to be in the majority), does not accomplish anything other than to create hatred and division.
I know as a Christian, it is my responsibility to spread the "good news" if you will, regarding Jesus and his dying for our sins......but, does that in turn give me the right to say anyone that doesn't accept that "good news" is a bad person? I think not.
So, with that said, I think DJ has shown me the error of my ways in several areas, and I have a deeper affection for those not of my faith, and feel in my heart it is not my place to judge anyone that doesn't think as I do, nor attempt to forcibly push others into my beliefs.
It is only for God to decide who is good, and who is bad. Not me.
Muse: So DJ has opened your mind and broadened your horizons then. I feel much the same way. You can get a fuller picture of the world and the people by interacting here.
Have you found any stories that you feel are HUGE, that DJ has brought to your attention? I get the sense from some CJ's that now they are on a mission to spread the truth through news. Sort of a calling. Does that apply to you?
Scoop: As far as any "huge" stories, nothing really stands out in my mind. When I first started with DJ, I would post anything that seemed like news. Now, for the most part, I don't post anything unless I feel some sort of a personal connection to it. Of course, that wouldn't apply to my "zoophile" articles. LOL.....those are actually a result of a DJ post that praised a documentary that was being released on the merits of sex with animals, and how important is was for the general public to understand these people and their love for animal sex. I just thought it was ridiculous, said so, and then proceeded to post any "zoophile" story that came my way. I have actually toyed with comprising a book of my short story articles of zoophile episodes and having it published! LOL!! I can just see that one on the Barnes and Noble "recommended reading" list! ROFL!!
Muse: LOL So do you feel a personal responsibility to get important news out there to the masses? I'd like my copy signed by the way. I don't think there has ever been a book like that. And I pray there never will be LOL
Scoop: I don't think that my "zoophiles" articles are necessary news - but I do think that something with that sort of shock value would probably sell! How sad is that? It seems that the masses are most interested in sex and religion. Any article you post on those topics is sure to be a best seller, so to speak. I have been known to pander to the masses on occasion, but try harder now to write about things a bit off the beaten path, and throw out subjects for discussion that involve other areas. I wrote an extensively researched article about my questioning the legitimacy of the "sweeping AIDS epidemic" and questioned the science behind it. Boy, did I get beat down from a couple readers. But, I still stand behind my findings on that, I am certainly not afraid to be controversial!
No, she is not. In fact if I had to pick one Citizen Journalist who has been most mired in controversy, it would be Scoop. It is almost as if she were a lightning rod drawing both praise and criticism. To me that is the mark of a real truth seeker and Journalist.
I think that it's only fair to report that all through the interview shes making eyes at me. You know, showing me a little extra leg, stuff like that. Asking if I can stay for "coffee". But I remained professional.
And now for something completely different. It is time to take a look at our DJ family photo album. Those of you who would not share are just scaredy Cats.
First I present to you Amaranth(So many cute DJ girls, so little time.)
Our own nice guy all around, cgull
Next, our resident Professor, Lensman67 (An unknown number of years ago)
Pbrite(He swears he was not drunk)
Gotthescoop (left)
Some of these CJ's tried to send me pictures that were way too dark and you could barely see their faces. Nice try guys! I brightened them. =)
And finally for my third act this week, I would like to focus on not a Citizen Journalist, but on our collective boss, Chris Hogg. This Muse-letter does not have the budget to give out awards, but if it did, he would get an award for "Outstanding editor" putting in hours that are unimaginable and giving this site his all.
The robot is not kissing his ass because he is my boss, but because he deserves recognition. Some of you may have noticed that my articles have jumped in quality recently. I don't think I am saying anything out of turn when I tell you that it is because Chris gave me his usual professional advice.
We all love the guy, but I don't think we pause often enough to think about what it means to have a quality, hands-on and highly capable editor like him on this site.
He has helped me to become a better writer and so I bestow upon him the "Invisible low budget award of excellence."
Let's have a round of applause.
Until next time...
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