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'RCMP Harrassed Me' Cadet Alleges

By KJ Mullins     Aug 14, 2007 in World
Ali Tahmourpour alleges that the RCMP harassed him while he was a cadet over his Muslim beliefs. The alleged harassment began when Tahmourpour asked to wear a pendant containing passages from the Qur'a.
TheStar reported as the case was started yesterday with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. The man was terminated 14 weeks into the 22-week program in October 1999 at Regina. Tahmourpour filed the initial case with the commission in March 2001.
At that time the case was dismissed after the government said he was let go because of poor performance and the commission dismissed his complaint.
The case was reopened as a result of the RCMP statistics which show a 7 per cent attrition rate among cadets as a whole, but a rate of almost 16 per cent among visible minorities. The Federal Court said that the case should be heard because of those stats show "sufficiently suggestive of the discriminatory practices alleged."
Tahmourpour stated that the problems began from the first class when cadets are told to remove all jewelry. He requested to be allowed to wear the pendant which the instructor agreed to but began to ridicule the man during the class.
"It ostracized me. It singled me out," he said. "It was the first destructive moment in my training."
He was talked to after that for being too soft spoken, taking too many notes and sitting in too formal a position. Other incidents that he alleged happened to him were comments that his English was unintelligible during an hour long screaming session. At another time an officer mocked his Arabic signature.
"I saw no validity to the things I was being criticized for. I saw it as harassment."
The other minorities, he said, would "poke fun at their own ethnicity, their own ancestry just to gain acceptance."
The tribunal will continue it's hearing today.
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