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Is this ‘Justice” without human Intervention?

By Anniedup     Aug 14, 2007 in Crime
Earlier this year a man decapitated his 4-month-old Husky pup, with a chainsaw. Self-confessed dog-killer Phillip Matthysen was slapped with a suspended fine of R10 000 rand or 12 months in jail after being found guilty by a Delmas court.
Here are extracts of the full article a few months ago.
Delmas - There were gasps of horror in the Delmas Magistrate's Court on Tuesday when animal rights activists heard graphic details of how Phillip Matthysen, 31, beheaded his Husky puppy with a chainsaw.
Minutes later, the shock turned to fury when the sentence of the "Delmas chainsaw killer" as he was referred to on placards, was suspended in full.
Magistrate CE Moldenhauer sentenced Matthysen to 12 months in prison or a fine of R10 000.
The marketing consultant admitted in a packed courtroom that he had committed the gruesome killing and said through his lawyer that he had sawn the dog's head off with the petrol-driven chainsaw in a fit of anger, after his four-month-old pup chewed through a cable running to his security fencing, and killed an exotic parrot.
The State withdrew the case against Alex Serate, the second accused. Serate held the dog down during the killing. Which in my opinion should have been sentenced as well.
An earlier warning from the Judge that he would charge everyone in the courtroom, with contempt of court, fell on deaf ears when the activists heard the gruesome details of the dog's suffering as the vet's report was read to the court.
Dr JH Moll wrote in his report…..
The cream-colored dog's neck was sawn from above, which meant that he could feel everything, and was in tremendous pain until he died. The dog was fully conscious and aware of pain until his spinal column was severed.
Now for the final outcome of this gruesome story. Here is what happened this weekend.
Johannesburg - The man who caused a countrywide uproar after using a chainsaw to cruelly behead his husky puppy earlier this year, died in a car accident over the weekend.
Phillip Matthysen, 31, rolled his vehicle in the early hours of Sunday morning and died on the scene. There were no witnesses. They are not sure if a tyre burst or if the deceased lost control of the vehicle, but he was thrown out of the car when it rolled a few times.
The Mpumalanga emergency services were the first paramedics at the scene.
He said on Monday that Matthysen had clearly died as a result of massive head injuries.
Most cases of animal suffering are never seen by the public except shocking incidents like these.
I personally didn't want this kind of justice, but if someone can do this to an animal, in a rage of fury, imagine what kind of punishment he would dish out to his kids, or any other human being for that matter.
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