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Irish archaeologists discover Bronze Age beer, display great dedication in research

By Paul Wallis     Aug 13, 2007 in Science
Two Irish archaeologists have a theory about the common horseshoe shaped ancient monuments which dot Ireland. They’re called fulacht fiads, and are considered to be old cooking places, but the archaeologists thought they might have been breweries.
Archaeology has just shown its true colors. Follow the sequence of events here, if you can, because I'm not sure I can:
In order to prove this idea, they decided to brew old style beer, using a 2500 year old method of brewing, the source of the recipe for which isn’t mentioned. As you will see the continuity in the BBC article is a bit hung over, too.
Now the article gets around to explaining how they brewed the beer. Showing the fearless dedication which we Irish apply to decent beer, they then selflessly mixed up another two batches, one of which was OK, and the third of which wasn’t.
They intend to continue their work for an unspecified period.
One of the more fascinating elements in this meandering tale is that their theory was developed while hung over and considering “the predisposition of all men to seek means to alter their minds”. That's mentioned after the saga of the brewing, but prior to mentioning going to Europe to do the research.
So the article reads Theory- history- brewing-hangover/how they got the idea (the exact line of reasoning from cooking to brewing isn't mentioned, probably just as well)- European research- still working on the brewing.
I'm interested in the "predisposition" bit. I had no idea pure hedonism was as historically respectable as all that. If so, I will now take the Table of Elements, and see what I can do with it.
DJs can expect franchise offers shortly, if Eucalyptus Whiskey can do what I think it can do.
Just don't stand downwind of Australia for a few decades.
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