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Coffee, Tea, Lawn or Me? Bikini-Clad Lawn Mowers

By M Dee Dubroff     Aug 12, 2007 in Entertainment
What happens when a clever Memphis business owner devises an age-old tactic to get people to use his services? Lawns are mown by ladies in bikinis, although there’s not much call for male mowers! Read on for the itsy bitsy, teeny-weeny truth.
One lawn company in Memphis, Tennessee, is showing a bit more skin than usual. The women employed by Tiger Time Lawn Care offer to mow the lawns of their customers dressed in bikinis. This service understandably draws more attention to the mowers than the mowees, namely, the lawns.
One employee, Blair Beckman, aged 21, says:
“Oh yeah, they honk and yell. They do everything you can imagine. You get the attention, but you also get a tan.”
The owner of the lawn company, Lee Cathey, who had been searching for a way to expand his business through the end of the summer claims the bikini service makes mowing the lawn a lot more interesting, although the fee is slightly higher. He said:
"The yards definitely get more attention when there's a bikini on the lawn. Some customers sit in lawn chairs and have a beer while watching. In the fall we'll go pick up leaves in the bikinis, if need be.”
One can only suppose that one gets what one pays for. After all, there’s no fool like an old fool as Aesop (or someone like that) used to say.
Vanity, thy name may be woman, but chauvinism, thy name is definitely still man!
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