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Do You Bag It?

By KJ Mullins     Aug 10, 2007 in Environment
Everyday there is a simple way you can help the environment. By using cloth shopping bags when you go out instead of plastic you can help reduce the litter of plastic bags. It's a simple step yet if enough of us do it we can impact the environment a bit.
Canadians use on average 55 million plastic bags per week. That's a lot of bags. North America and Europe account for almost 80% of plastic usage. In Ireland there was a huge reduction of bag usage after a 15ยข-per-bag tax was put in place March 2002. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the Philippines, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom have plans to ban or tax plastic bags. While plastic bags do take less energy to make then paper ones and are easily recycled many never make it to a recyclable area. They do make it to litter piles around your town.
If you don't want to spend the money for your personal shopping bag then at least recycle the plastic ones. When 1 ton of plastic bags are reused or recycled, the energy equivalent of 11 barrels of oil are saved.
Using your own bag is just a small step. We shop at a discount type of grocery store where you have to buy any plastic bags you use. They offer their used boxes though. I usually buy 3 bags a week. They are reused for the kids lunches. The rest of the groceries go into shopping bags or boxes. The boxes we use to store much of our weekly recyclable collection.
Simple step sure but they are steps.
For more ideas how to make a stand for the environment check out these sites:
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