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article imageThe Real Life Fox Muldaur & The UFO "Black Vault"

By RobotGod     Aug 10, 2007 in World
John Greenewald Jr has amassed what may be the largest UFO database in existence and the information is available to everyone. Thanks to his obsession and the freedom of information act, the truth is out there.
His obsession took root at an early age as reported by yahoo. Like so many young people, he became fascinated with the phenomenon. And he was fortunate enough at that age, to have access to the internet to fuel his curiosity.
That alone did not satisfy his curiosity. He wanted hard copies of the information that he found, perhaps seeking something tangible while researching an area that has so many illusive elements.
He began writing to the CIA and FBI. Here was a teen suddenly taking full advantage of The Freedom Of Information Act. A law older then he was. He claims that he has made well over 2000 FOIA requests. Quite a feet for a curious teen. Some documents take years for them to release after the request is made.
Even that was not enough for his search for the truth. He then took the documents that he obtained and began archiving them online at his website, the Black Vault.
"I've learned specifically that the U.S. government and military cover up a lot," says Greenewald. "It doesn't matter what subject you're dealing with, it doesn't matter what time frame you're dealing with."
He calls "Area 51" the biggest cover up. Perhaps it is the most well known as well. It isn't on any map and does not officially exist, yet everyone knows about it.
He is perhaps the only person to ever "prove" it's official existence, through one of the documents that he liberated. The document was from the Department of Energy acknowledging that Area 51 had been annexed by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission in 1958, and that the area is now part of Nellis Air Force Base.
"These documents, letters, memos, reports... they're not written like books," he says. "They're not written like storylines where you can read through and see. They're just clues. You've got to put them together. What does the story say overall?"
That is the same question that millions before him have asked. The difference is that he has amassed a large portion of that story, by turning his curiousity into energy and action. And it does not end with the website. He is producing documentaries as well as hosting a weekly internet radio show.
Does he believe?
"I'm 99.9% sure and I believe in something out there," he says. "Have they been here? I don't know. Have I seen them? No."
It is easy to search for answers if you have seen them as many UFO enthusiasts will tell you, but an obsession of this kind from one who has not seen them assures us that his quest is a noble one and he is in search of the truth.
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