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Pregnant woman alive from sword attack

By Brandigal (Donna)     Aug 8, 2007 in Crime
A 3 1/2 month pregnant woman was sitting on her sofa reading a pregnancy book when a friend of hers walked into the room and started to stab her repeatedly with a sword on July 31st. There was no fight, no argument that brought the attack on.
Charlene Marie Knapp, 28, from Dartmouth Nova Scotia, is alive in the hospital with 15 stab wounds, one that is still open on her stomach. She is in so much pain she cannot talk for more than a couple minutes. She has gone through two surgeries that were needed to repair bowel damage and liver damage. She has collapsed lungs and needs a chest tube to keep her breathing.
She was sitting on a sofa reading a pregnancy book when a 43 year old man that she knew walked into the room with something behind his back. He then just started to stab her repeatedly. Three stab wounds went right through her body. She managed to cover her heart while he continued to cut her over and over again.
Her window was open and she was screaming for help when another woman was walking by and heard the cries for help. She followed the sounds of the cries and began to talk to the victim and found out what happened and where she was. The lady did not have a cell phone so she ran to find someone who did and called 911.
The attacker left the building but came back while police were there. He then ran from the building but police managed to catch him. They used a Taser to apprehend him when he would not cooperate with the police.
The man charged with doing this is Alan Bryan, 43. He is charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and assault with a sword and also facing a charge of possession of a sword dangerous to the public peace. He is expected back in court August 29th after his psychiatric assessment is completed.
Charlene has a 2 year old girl from another man, Larry Labelle, and the little girl does not know her mother was hurt. She has been told her mom is in the hospital because of an asthma attack.
Mr. Labelle told reporters that Charlene was still pregnant but Stephanie Humber, the victims sister said the family does not know the condition of the pregnancy as of now. She also said Charlene told her there was no argument that triggered the attack. Stephanie said someone called Charlene's room on Monday and said they were Mr. Bryan. Charlene has not been told about this but the police were notified about the call because it upset the family a lot.
The victims mother and sister flew from Ontario to help but were shocked to find out the Nova Scotia health care does not provide cheap lodging for family members. The flight cost them $1,400 and they cannot afford the $100 a night for a hotel. They stayed with the victims ex boyfriend, father of the 2 year old, and his family for a couple nights and are now staying with a friend of the victims. They do not know how long Charlene will be in the hospital, she still has a long way to go before she is able to go home with them. She has no idea that her family is struggling to find places to stay.
The mother and sister believe that there should be some place set up for situations such as this. For family who arrives from out of town to stay if there is no other place to stay while the patient is recovering.
So for now, they go from one house to another until they are able to take Charlene home. When will this be, no one knows. But they are thankful that she is alive and are thankful that the woman who heard Charlene's cries for help was walking by at that exact time. It is what probably saved her life.
I hope they lock that monster up for life and throw away the key. He does not deserve anything less than that. I also hope that the mother and sister get help from friends or family, so they are able to help in the recovery of Charlene.
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