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A father saves his child from bullets

By Brandigal (Donna)     Aug 8, 2007 in Crime
A Toronto father did not think twice to protect his baby when he seen a man open fire on someone. Like most parents, there was no thinking involved, just action. He jumped onto the child and put his own body in harms way.
A father of a two year old boy had been driving to his Toronto home when he seen a man with a gun go towards his neighbor. The man started to open fire.
A bullet went through the fathers window with his 2 year old son in the back seat. The father immediately jumped over the seat to cover his son with his own body. He managed to get the child onto the floor of the car while bullets caused glass to break in the car but the child and the father was thankfully not hurt.
The grandfather, who witnessed it all happening to his grandson and son-in-law, said he has lived in the neighborhood for 30 years and they are friends with all the neighbors. How frightening it must have been for him to watch this and unable to do anything.
As of now, no arrests have been made for the latest shooting.
It occurred to me as I was reading this that when we become parents, in an dangerous situation our natural instincts are to protect our children at all costs. We do not hesitate. Without a thought, most parents would give up their own life for their children. I guess this is why I find it so odd when I read about mothers or fathers hurting their children or unable to love their child.
I know a lady in Georgia who has admitted she never bonded with her son. She said she knows it is wrong and she also goes each week to talk to someone about this and try to find out why but she said she just does not feel the love she knows she should have towards her son. Once she had her daughter, she said it was like all her love went to the little girl. Her son felt this and had a lot of anger towards his mother but also towards his sister. There is a 10 year age gap between the two. She would protect her daughter like the father did in this story but not her son. He has since moved out and is living with his uncle and aunt since age 16. He hates his sister and hardly speaks to his parents. What a sad life this young man has lived. He is now 18.
I just cannot understand this at all. A parent not loving or wanting their child. Or a parent unable to love more than one of their children. I have three and I could not pick one child over the other. They are all my "babies" and I would, without hesitation, protect each of them, just like the father did for his 2 year old.
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