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The Pain In His Balls Was Just Too Much - St. Paul Man Hires Strangers To Remove Them

By Pamela Jean     Aug 7, 2007 in Health
Doctors refused to perform the surgery 62 year old Russell Angus was requesting. Complaining of constant pain in his testicles, he asked that surgeons remove them. They refused. So, taking matters into his own hands, Russ had the surgery done at home.
Details as to just what was causing Mr. Angus testicular pain remain sketchy, but what is known is that whatever was causing the pain wasn't considered serious enough to warrant castration.
Authorities in St. Paul, MN are reporting that Mr. Angus, not about to take no for an answer, decided to hire 3 "professionals" to perform the operation. The operating room was located in a spare room on the 2nd floor of his suburban home.
911 dispatchers received a call on July 28th from Mr. Angus daughter, Jessica Zemek, 26, indicating she was at her fathers home in response to a call he placed to her moments earlier. He was conscious, but bleeding profusely.
Mr. Angus was rushed to area Regions Hospital, and has since been released. He told police that he had been unconscious during the actual procedure, but upon awakening, discovered he was alone, and bleeding profusely. That was when he placed the call to his daughter.
Police found blood in the living room, bedroom and bathroom. The makeshift operating room was said to be complete with operating table, medical instruments and a camera.
Police are actively searching for the 3 individuals that performed the surgery. "Based on my knowledge and experience, I know that it is not common or usual for a licensed medical practitioner to perform surgery in the nonsterile environment of a private home," Sgt. Richard Munoz wrote in an affidavit.
His wife, Anna, stated to reporters that her husband is now occupying a lower level bedroom and is suffering from limited mobility. She also stated that he is spending the majority of his time on a laptop computer that he is accessing from his bedroom.
Neither Mr. Angus or his wife will give any information regarding the identities of the individuals hired to remove his testicles. Russell indicates he "doesn't want to get them into any trouble".
OK, what is up with this? Who in their right mind would hire people off the street to come over to their house and cut off their balls?
And what is with his wife? Apparently she is fine with the whole thing. Can you imagine what the daughter must have thought, discovering her father lying on a table, blood gushing from his groin?
Ummm.........I think some psychological evaluation is called for here, don't you?
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