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"Sex Play" Involving Revolver Goes Seriously Wrong

By Pamela Jean     Aug 6, 2007 in Crime
I guess their mothers never told them not to play with guns. The sex life of this couple reached heights few of us would dare to consider, when a "romp in the hay" turned deadly. A gunshot to the head. Now the survivor is facing a 5 year jail term.
A Louisiana couple apparently were into some mighty kinky sex play. Play that involved a loaded gun.
Kimberly Grosset was visiting her boyfriend Robert at his house on quiet McCindy Road . The lone gunshot that rang out just after midnight awakened the slumbering neighbors, peering from windows and squinting from the glare of the ambulence and police vehicles flashing lights illuminating the night.
Seems that Kim and Robert liked to play "cops and robbers", or something along those lines. When questioned, Kim indicated it was a game they played frequently. Unfortunately, in her heightened state of arousal, she accidentally pulled the trigger, delivering a fatal gunshot to the head of her lover Robert.
As he tried to hang on to life, Kimberly quickly dialed 911 and an ambulance was dispatched. Unfortunately not quickly enough to save the life of Robert, who was pronounced dead at 3:00 am at the Lake Charles Memorial Hospital.
Authorities are convinced that there was no criminal intent, so the charge filed against Ms. Grosset is one of negligent homicide. If convicted, it carries with it a 5 year jail term.
Sheriff Tony Mancuso stated "When you know something's dangerous and you're intentionally still doing it, there's still a result and a consequence to that and in this particular case it would be negligent homicide."
A psychiatrist, when asked about the risky sex play the couple engaged in, responded that "Most of us would look at a gun as something to cause fear, and therefore, it could trigger a similar type of chemical release in the brain, which would heighten the senses and enhance the sexual experience."
Bond has not been set for Ms. Grosset, and she remains in custody at the Calcasieu Correctional Center.
You would think they would have been smart enough to make sure the gun wasn't loaded. But, then again, maybe the fact that it was made it all the more exciting.
I feel so terrible for this woman. I can't imagine having to live with the shock, guilt and heartbreak of shooting my lover in the head and watching him die.
And now she will have to go to jail on top of it.
Do you think she should have to serve time for this?
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