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400 Fla. Swimmers Stung By Jellyfish

By RobotGod     Aug 6, 2007 in World
Officials in New Smyrna Beach, Fla., issued a warning to beachgoers after more than 400 swimmers were stung by jellyfish over the weekend. There were no deaths, but obviously the jellyfish are angry.
Lifeguards had to scrub hundreds of people with white vinegar, which is apparently very good to soothe the painful stings, according to local6.
They had to make several runs to get more vinegar after a couple hundred people complained about the stings. They did warn people to be aware of the jellyfish plumes, but they say that the tentacles are hard to avoid.
None were seriously injured. This reporter however, feels that this is a prelude to invasion. Right now, they are trying to weaken us at our beaches, finding out which in our species are the strong ones and which are weak.
My sources are saying that their goal is to move inland and mate with typical land mushrooms, which will breed more penis shaped warriors. And then our demise will be complete.
God help us all.
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