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article imageRemains of Supercrocodile Discovered

By RobotGod     Aug 5, 2007 in World
In southern Utah, scientists have uncovered the fossilized remains of a 75.5 million-year-old supercrocodile. The 30-foot-long creature lived in fresh water and snacked on 10-foot sturgeons and land-dwelling dinosaurs. says that they uncovered about a quarter of the creature's snout in June on the Kaiparowits Plateau.
It had a 4 foot long skull with sharp and jagged 5 inch teeth. This is one Croc that would have made Steve Irwin wet himself.
The species is previously unidentified and could be the first in a new genus category. When they are all done and have it cleaned up, it will be displayed at the Utah Museum of Natural History.
It is so nice to still have these discoveries in this day and age. I hope we never discover it all.
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