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How do you get a secret username and password out of an IRS employee? ... Just ask.

By Chris V. Thangham     Aug 3, 2007 in Politics
How easy it is to break into IRS? It maybe difficult to break in or hack through the secure servers, but it is as easy as calling them on the phone and make them give the sensitive information to the caller.
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) usually warns the public about the IRS related phishing scams, IRS-related Malware and IRS-related rip off artists. Networkworld says IRS should rather warn the public about its own IRS employees.
Networkworld says the IRS employees pose as much a big threat as the phishers, virus writers and hackers.
IRS employees were tested to see how they handle security and information. A total of 102 IRS employees were given test calls by a caller who asked for assistance to correct a computer problem, and asked the employees to give the user name and password of their accounts. According to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, who did this study said a staggering amount of IRS employees; sixty two out of 102 people handed over the sensitive information without any questions.
If this had happened in a real situation imagine the breach into the computer system and the vast amount of public’s information stored in the computer could have been accessed very easily.
About this episode, Inspector General J. Russell George said:
"This is especially disturbing because the IRS has taken many steps to raise employee awareness of the importance of protecting their computers and passwords."
IRS sometimes does their best in trying to provide help to the public, but they should also show more care and train their employees well. IRS has some of the best financial analysts and experts, but they should also know how to lock their computers and protect the information stored in the computers.
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