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The Story Of Verle "Bubba" Dills: Masturbater

By RobotGod     Aug 3, 2007 in Crime
A South Dakota man was charged with indecent exposure after cops discovered a bunch homemade videotapes featuring Bubba pleasuring himself at sites across his Sioux Falls neighborhood.
The Smoking Gun reports that police discovered "numerous VHS videotapes and eight millimeter tapes" in his home. They all showed the same thing.
Bubba pleasuring himself in various places.
This all came about because a neighbor spotted him in their backyard at 5:45 AM. He was wearing a trench coat, a pantyhose mask, and black fishnet stockings. He also had his video camera on a tripod.
This gem of questionable human descent also is charged with burglary and unlawful occupancy.
You can check out more of the creepy details at The Smoking Gun, where they have the affidavits.
Some people have problems. People like Bubba are problems. Now, why ya gotta go jerkin off all over town? Some kind of tourist fetish deal? geeze.
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