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Outspoken Polygamist Tom Green Scheduled To Be Released From Prison

By Pamela Jean     Aug 2, 2007 in World
Tom Green, the famous polygamist, who was a media sensation back in 2001, is scheduled to be released from prison August 7th. Convicted of child molestation, bigamy & failure to pay child support, he has spent the past 6 years in jail. Has he changed?
Flashback to 2002. Tom Green sat weeping as his sentence was rendered. 5 years in jail for the molestation of the wife he took in 1986. Linda Kunz Green was only 13 when Mr. Green had sexual relations with her. He was 37. Linda was in fact a stepdaughter to Mr. Green, a young girl belonging to one of his other 4 wives. A young girl he later took as his 5th bride.
All told, Tom had 5 wives and 32 children in 2002. Green was married to Linda, Carrie and Hannah, who are sisters, and another set of sisters, Shirley and Leanne. All married Tom Green when they were 14 or 15.
He had become a media sensation in 2001, making the rounds of nationally syndicated talk shows, touting the legitimacy of polygamy. It was this public display that eventually served to be his demise.
Mr. Green was very outspoken and brazen about his lifestyle. He was proud of the fact that he had 5 wives, and had fathered 33 children. They all resided under one roof, that roof being a conglomeration of mobile homes in the Utah desert, and to hear Tom speak, his life appeared to be idyllic.
"I've made commitments before God to be the husband to these wives and the father of these children," Green says. "And whatever penalties I may incur from doing that, I'll incur." His wives seemed to be in agreement. "Tom is a very exceptional man when it come to taking care of all us women," Leanne Green says. "Emotionally, physically, materially, everything. Not every man can do this." Authorities in Utah, however, did not see it in the same light. In Utah, where he lives, polygamy is a felony, and Green faced up to 25 years in jail.
The Green family was investigated, and it was soon discovered that Mr. Green's "wives" had, in fact, been collecting welfare for many years. Welfare in the amount of $34,420 paid by the state as aid to the family. After months of investigation, formal charges were filed against Green: four counts of bigamy, one count of failure to pay child support and another one of taking a wife before she was legally of age, technically child rape.
Fast forward 6 years later. Tom Green, aged 53, is scheduled to be released August 7th, having served out his prison sentence. Of his initial 5 wives, only 4 remain. Linda Kunz Green, the wife he was charged with molesting at the age of 13, is considered his "legal" wife. He will be residing with her in a home next door to the quadplex shared by his other 3 wives and his children.
It is a stipulation of his parole that he not be allowed any access to his other "spiritual" wives, and it will be necessary for him to obtain court ordered visits to spend time with his children.
One of Green's former wives, whom has since remarried, appeared at a special hearing and requested that four conditions be placed upon him when released. She asked that he be required to pay child support, that he have only supervised visits with his children, that he not be allowed to share his religious views with the children, and that he not be allowed to harass her or her new family. "We believe that when the state of Utah turns its back on him that he can influence my young children into a life of polygamy, which from my experience is a life filled with pain and agony and long-lasting social consequences," she said.
Green has indicated that he has never attempted to lead any of his children to his faith, though he does mention that one of his sons has plans to work on a mission with the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Green completed sex therapy treatment while imprisoned. He has promised to be faithful to his "legal" wife, and indicates he merely wishes to have a relationship with his children.
"I just want to be a father to my children to whatever extent I'm allowed to be," he said. "Whatever restrictions I'm placed under when I leave will be nothing compared to the restrictions I've had for six years," Green said at the hearing. "I will be happy to comply with any restrictions that allow me to have more association with my family or be free from prison."
The State has vowed to keep a close watch on his living conditions, and monitor his behavior. If they believe he is violating any state laws, they will take appropriate actions.
Polygamy's legacy in Utah dates back to the 1840s, when members of the Church of Latter Day Saints, as the Mormon church is formally known, first settled in the state.
But the practice never gained wider currency outside the Church. By 1890, the Church banned the taking of multiple wives, with the penalty for offenders being excommunication. Utah's constitution formally outlawed polygamy as a condition of statehood.
But despite the ban, polygamy never died out in Utah. An estimated 30,000 polygamists, most of them in Utah, live in the American West.
Where do you stand regarding polygamy? If Tom Green were living an "alternative lifestyle", one that did not adhere to any religious convictions, do you believe he would have been arrested and served time in prison? It is the age of the young women he took as "wives" the issue, or the fact that he had 5 of them?
Do you think he'll behave, or will the State discover him "reacquainting" himself with each of the 4 women that have chosen to stay by his side throughout his incarceration?
Can this leopard really change his spots?
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