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Fish and Flush: A New Bathroom Combo?

By M Dee Dubroff     Jul 29, 2007 in Technology
Haven’t you always wanted an aquarium in your bathroom? Come on now. Tell the truth. Well, even if you didn't, now is your one chance to own one. Read on, even if you can’t swim.
What won’t they think of next, folks? Now you can have an aquarium in your bathroom just like you always wanted! Huh? Yes, you heard me correctly. I said aquarium! Going to the bathroom is no longer a solitary affair. Fish friends should make for a new and most interesting toilet diversion, and one that you would probably be the first on your block to own!
All kidding aside, the new “fish n’ flush aquarium” is a two-piece toilet tank equipped for the bathroom buff who truly has everything! The impact-resistant acrylic tank can be fitted into most toilets without much difficulty. (If you live with cats, you better prepare them for their next visit to the bathroom, although I have no idea how to advise you to do that.) The aquarium is encased around a see-through inner tank where a filter system keeps the water clean and healthy for both fish and viewers of fish. A pair of plastic plants add to the décor, each of which measure about 9 inches (Flamingoes, I guess, would be extra.)
Also included with purchase are a fill valve, a flush valve, a flushing system (well, I should hope so), LED lighting that looks great at night and a built-in feeder door. Gravel, water and of course, the fish, you will have to purchase yourself. Smaller sized fish fare better as the tank may prove too small and tight for larger varieties. The aquarium can hold up to two gallons of either salt or seawater.
It creates the sensation of being near the call of the sea, like when holding a conch to your ear. This creation, however, will cost you more than any conch, retailing for $450 dollars at both low and high tide.
Go figure. Live and let swim, I always say.
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