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Op-Ed: When Technology Fails Us, Can We Endure?

By RobotGod     Jul 28, 2007 in Technology
Are you the type of person who freaks out if the cable TV goes out for an hour? Or if you lose the internet for a day? If we lost all of our technology, could you cope, even endure?
And survive?
Let's take electricity. If the entire continent lost power and it was gone, and never coming back. Do you have what it takes?
You see, our knowledge is what is in question. We as a society have lost much of the knowledge of how to accomplish many of the simple things.
For instance, in that situation you would need to feed your family. Someone has to know HOW to farm. This knowledge today is very limited. Most of us could not feed ourselves this way.
First you must know how to work a plow. Even if you are one of the few fortunate souls who know how, then there are other knowledge hurdles. How do you prepare the soil? When do you plant your crops? How much rain or water will it take etc.
Our infrastructure would still be here, though useless. Let's say it is up to a scattered population to fend for themselves. How are you going to get the power back on? Even in a single building. Do you have the knowledge to do even that?
Again, we must pass hurdle after hurdle of knowledge that is no longer broad, but only known by a small percentage of the population. First you have to know where to look. Where does one begin, if they want to turn it on? Suppose you find the power station. You even get in. The computers are useless and even if they weren't, you would not understand them. So, you would have to know how to manually work electricity.
Most people these days do not even know where to begin with preparing their own food. We are too accustomed to packaged boxes, and just add water.
In a sort of backwards no technology world like I proposed, most people would not know how to even keep a vehicle running and fix it.
Something to think about.
We have lost so many vital pieces of simple knowledge. Many kids do not even tie their shoes these days, they just have velcro straps. So if they need to tie knots, God help them.
You need to cross the ocean, or even a large lake...How do you use the wind and steer the most basic of crafts. It is not at all as simple as you might think.
If it comes down to riding horses and mules, how many know a thing about them? How much water do they need? How does one care for them? How many have ever shoed or saddled a horse?
Perhaps you could use a train to travel and find food and others...oh...but how does one operate a train?
on and on...Technology is amazing, but we have grown lazy about remembering the most basic skills and passing them on...
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