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article imageThe Mystery Of The Stolen Pool

By RobotGod     Jul 26, 2007 in Entertainment
Someone stole 1000 gallons of water from Daisy Valdivia's backyard. The strangest part? Apparently, they didn't spill a drop. She woke Wednesday morning to find that the inflatable pool, hip high and 10 feet in diameter and filled with water, had vanished
According to there was no evidence that the water was poured out, pumped out, evaporated or drunk.
Was this the work of a large thirsty animal who also needs a pool in his yard? Or perhaps some sicko with a wet vac and too much time on his hands?
"I've never heard of a pool being stolen, let alone one with water in it," Valdivia said.
Or do aliens want our pools? I propose that their planet is bone dry and also in need of recreation equipment. And that we will see these incidents increase with time.
They call them "the grays". That is because they are withered and shriveled up due to lack of moisture.
Only an alien could have been so calculating, swooping down in their ufo in the dead of night, shining their light beam down and stealing the entire pool. Water and all.
I have heard that when they abduct humans, they extract our pee to use it for fuel. What else are they after? It seems that all they want to do is steal.
Wait...I have it!
They are stealing pools and our pee. They must be planning a huge cosmic joke, where they invite guests over to use the pool. Then they put the human pee in and laugh, and say "Look, a stupid human peed in the pool". Everyone rushes to get out of the water.
Watch the skies. Watch your pools. And remember, you heard it here first.
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