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Princess Martha Tells Us Why She Has Set Up Business With Angels

By Michelle Duffy     Jul 25, 2007 in Lifestyle
Perhaps it is a truly wonderful gift and in this day and age we should be grateful for anyone who genuinely has psychic powers, yet why would a Norwegian Princess want to tell the world that she can talk to angels?
Princess Martha Louise is the daughter of King Harald and Queen Sonja who reign happily in the green, fresh aired country of Norway, and like any other proud parents showing off the gift of a treasured daughter, they have decided to promote her special abilities on a website, and why not?
The Royal announcement, if you like, was made on the website to promote the Princess's talents. She has a plan, now in Royal operation to launch a new alternative therapy centre open for the public.
The 35 year old daughter of the King and Queen, who is fourth in line to the throne, has said that her unique abilities came to her as a child and that she has always felt that she could read people's inner thoughts, not to mention that she has also been able to make full contact with angles through being in equal contact with horses.
The queues for the healing hands of the highly trained physical therapy Princess must be growing fast and if they are, the Palace won't known about it. They say there is no available link to the centre - not just yet anyhow, according to AFP news agency reports.
It has been for many years a passion for the Princess to engage in learning about the alternative treatments for those who are in need of them. She has already said that "students" at her centre will get to learn about such therapies and "learn how to create miracles by harnessing the power of angels."
Her Royal Highness said,
"There are forces that surround us and who are a resource and help in all aspects of our lives - It was while I was taking care of the horses that I got in contact with the angels. I have lately understood the value of this important gift and I wish to share it with other people, maybe with you."
Yet becoming a student is far from cheap - a three year programme at the newly appointed centre will set you back £2,000 a year, which is just over $4,000.
Those angles drive a hard bargain....
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