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With This Trial, I Thee Wed: Couple Meet as Jurors on Murder Case

By M Dee Dubroff     Jul 23, 2007 in Crime
Even when murder most foul occurs, the course of true love runs smooth. Such is the case with this man and woman who fell in love while serving on a jury for a murder case! Be the first on your block to read about their heart to heart tale right here!
According to The Daily News, love was in the air in a New York jury room between alternate juror #3 Traci Nagy, a 36-year-old market analyst and juror # 6, Jonathan Cinkay, a physical therapist. Apparently, the two were immediately smitten, and were playing footsies with their eyes across the jury table from the very first day of the trial. The same judge who presided over the murder case, Supreme Court Justice Daniel Lewis, is scheduled to marry the couple next month!
Fellow jurors encouraged the two lovebirds and they went out to lunch during one long break.
According to Nagy:
"From there it just grew. It was a very good way to get to know someone.”
Cinkay said:
“I called her as soon as I got out the door and proposed by year's end. My friends said that it would take a murder trial for me to meet the right person.”
All’s well that ends well for the happy couple.
The murder suspect on trial didn’t fare quite as well as he was convicted to a life sentence.
Some cynics might say the same of the happy couple!
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