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Life after Death!

By Steve W. Sanson     Jul 21, 2007 in World
For a brief moment, he experienced the ecstasy and grandeur of the afterlife and existence with our Creator. At first, he couldn’t understand why God allowed him to temporarily view the majesty and glory of heaven.
Life after Death!
By Steve William Sanson
What is life after death? Has anyone experience death and then return back to life to talk about it? On July 14th United States Army Retired Colonel Chris Baggott and Author of "My Father's Smile" was my guest on Face the Tribune. Colonel Baggott shared his experience with my listeners on Life after Death.
Colonel Baggott spent 28 years in the United States Army and was in charge of combat troops in the war torn country of Iraq also serving in Mogadishu in Somalia as well as commanded the Third Armored Cavalry Regiment being an Army Commander in Bosnia, including foreign troops.
Baggott served at the Pentagon and he was 300 yards from impact when the plane flew into the Pentagon during the horrible events of September 11, 2001.
Baggott has recently retired from military service and he owns his own company that fulfills government contracts with the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense.
Baggott told of his near death experience when going to a movie with his wife. Baggott and his wife decided to go shopping at their local mall and at the time Baggott had suffered from knee injury during his time in the military. December 22, 2004, the day at the mall ended in tragedy when his knee buckled falling down a flight of stairs he hit his head on impact. His wife who is a medical technician went into full alert to help save his life before the paramedics arrived.
Baggott was pronounced dead on the operating table getting his last rights from the priest. Baggott was pronounced dead several times, the longest time he died was for five to six minutes.
Baggott explains his journey to the other side. Baggott stated that he was in the operating room looking over a body on the operating table that he thought was his identical twin brother. As a hole began to grow behind him he walked back to the operating table again he then discovered that the body on the operating table was of him self.
Baggott explained that the hole was getting mush bigger and he saw his wife watching the medical procedure through a window at the hospital. He then attempted to gain his wife's attention. Baggott stated that the hole became bigger and a light started to show.
Baggott explained that he went into the hole feeling totally at peace no pain, no guilt, no suffering. Baggott stated that everything he did in his 50 years of life all came back to him in micro seconds, feeling the pain of every wrong or right thing he did throughout his life he also felt the pain and the pleasure that he did onto others.
Baggott stated that he kept moving forward towards the light and it was blinding. Baggott stated that he started to slow down while entering the hole towards the light and he saw a figure at the end of the light.
Baggott stated that this figure was his father in his twenties with a big smile on his face shaking his head "yes." Baggott explained that his father suffered and died of a terrible cancer years ago that landed him in a coma. Baggott sated that he never had the opportunity to find closure with his father.
Baggott explained that the place he entered had trees and flowers and was the most beautiful place he has ever seen with a huge golden thrown.
Baggott explained that the light started to pull him back towards the operating room his father was shacking his head "no" as if it wasn't his time to die... Baggott stated that his father wanted him to let his family know that he was fine at peace and his father is waiting for them when its time for them to depart this earth.
Baggott stated that when he went back into his body the pain started to return. Baggott stated that he believes in reincarnation because of Jesus Christ.
Baggott stated that he was in a coma for a week after surgery and he immediately started to write his story of the after life once he regained consciousness. Baggott had to go through rehabilitation because of his head injury.
Baggott started to be interested in reading about near death experience from others that had similar encounters. Baggott started to write his book on his life events and his experience with the after life, because he felt that he had a mission to bring people closer to God.
Baggott explains that his near death experience really strengthens his belief in God and he decided to walk in the foot steeps that Jesus Christ walked in Jerusalem while doing this he found closure for his book.
Baggott realizes that he has a message he needs to share with others. Stating that God wants us to be with him, believe with our hearts and souls, and we will be judged on everything we do while our time is on earth.
Baggott stated that "hell" is the absents of God and the absents of being with other people such as family and friends.
Baggott states that his belief is in faith, family and this nation. Baggott stated that he has been given a mission and his second chance at life is to let people know about God and to let his mother know that his father is at peace.
To contact Colonel Baggott e-mail or phone (817) 676-4953.
Note: You can listen to the archived broadcast of Sanson's interview with Colonel Chris Baggott at Scroll down to "Face the Tribune" and click onto Full Program, then look for Show Archives on your right and click onto July 14, 2007.
E-mail: phone (702) 283-8088
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