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Turnabout Is Fair Child’s Play: Boy Steals Back Mother’s Car From Kidnappers

By M Dee Dubroff     Jul 21, 2007 in Crime
What happens when a nine-year-old boy decides to take kidnapping matters into his own little hands? Read about this Chinese lad who decided that he had quite enough with his abductors.
A nine-year-old boy and his mother were stopped and held up by robbers as they were driving to their home in Haikou City. The child escaped by driving away in the same car that was stolen from his mother!
According to the mother:
"I was pulled out by them, and thrown onto the curb."
The local newspaper, Nanhai Net, reported that witnesses and passersby did nothing to help the mother and son because they thought it was a domestic dispute.
The police said:
"We realized she had been robbed when she called us, saying her son had been kidnapped and her car stolen."
But they never expected the other report that came some two hours later, claiming that a small boy driving a car hit an agricultural vehicle.
Reportedly, the shaken boy told a nearby adult:
“Some people stole my mom’s car, and I drove it away when they weren’t paying attention.”
The boy was later reunited with his parents who are refusing to comment while police investigate the kidnapping.
The police had no further comments.
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