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2 yr old drummer continues for 9 yrs - Tyler Hudson

By Chris V. Thangham     Jul 19, 2007 in Entertainment
Tyler Hudson, 11 started drumming at age 2 and began playing in bands at age 5. A video of his shows his progression in drumming over 9 years. He also writes songs and has released a number of albums.
Sometime parenting gets a lot of blame for not raising their kids properly, but one has to praise them when credit is due especially the parents of Tyler Hudson for honing his skill from an early age of 2. The video shows the progressive growth of Tyler’s talents in drums. At the age of 5 he started playing for bands and plays like a pro even at that age. You can see his full maturity by the end of the video, he has exceptional drumming skills.
He has a website at Tyler’s father is a professional guitarist/singer. While growing up in Boston, Tyler’s father’s friend left his drum set in their living room. Since then, Tyler became fascinated with the sound emanating from drums. Slowly he evolved into a good one with constant practice and self learning by listening to CD’s and watching videos. He began to have formal training at age 6 with a Berkley graduate Shawn Meehan and was told that he was already playing at a high school level. Tyler is currently taking instructions from a Berkley teacher Mike Mangini. He also co-writes songs for his current group, MindWalk Band with whom he plays on tours. He is 11 now and he will be a bright star soon, no doubt.
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