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Alien Hand Syndrome - Every Man's Dream

By Pamela Jean     Jul 18, 2007 in Science
So here's a good one to use, guys, when you just can't resist copping a feel, or grabbing for the last bottle of beer in the cooler - Alien Hand Syndrome. That's right. This condition exists. Scientists are closing in on just what in our brains causes it.
The phrase "reach out and touch someone" never sounded so good until now.
Alien Hand Syndrome is a malady that manifests itself in uncontrollable movements of one hand. The "alien" hand literally picks things up and manipulates them, sometimes to the point of the healthy hand having to forcibly remove the alien hand from the object in question.
Now, how many of you can think of some great uses for this syndrome?
That stacked woman on the bus, you know, the one you've always wondered about. Are they real or ??? Well, suffering from "alien hand syndrome" could just grant you access to those babies, all under the guise of an uncontrollable medical condition.
Better hurry though, as scientists have narrowed in on the portion of the brain that seems to be causing this involuntary effect on the hand. I am sure it is only a matter of time before a pharmaceutical treatment is made available.
But until then, a copy of the linked article, laminated and carried in one's wallet, might just open up a whole new world for you men out there, eh?
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