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500-Pound Man Rescued After 12 Hours In River

By RobotGod     Jul 17, 2007 in World
His tube had gone flat. Is this surprising? They rescued this guy from the St. Croix River, after he was stuck in the water for 12 hours. It took that long because of his weight.
Nothing against large people, but if you are that large, what business do you have going tubing? That is asking for trouble. Is it really a surprise that his tube went flat?
After attempting to get out of the water he had chest pains and injured his ankle and his knee.
At 5 a.m. they had to dispatch a HOVERCRAFT to get him, which failed.
"Every resource we had simply did not work until got down to physical manpower," said Chief Deputy Steve Ovick, with the Pine County Sheriff's Department. "The aircraft that found him said they could not lift that amount of weight."
They finally got him with a raft made from wood and 3 canoes. 40-50 people took turns carrying his girth out.
This is like those guys who climb mountains and when they get stuck, taxpayers have to pay for their rescue.
Maybe McDonalds should pay for his. What do you think?
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