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Sniper Shoots Wife In Bar

By Laura Trowbridge     Jul 17, 2007 in Crime
It is believed that a soldier with sniper training shot his wife in the head while she was singing with the band Ty and the Twisters around midnight on Saturday at a bar restaurant.
36-year-old David Munis joined the National Guard in 2003. He was first in the U.S. Army and received sharpshooter training there. He was supposed to be promoted to second lieutenant in the N.G. next month.
David and his 40-year-old wife, Robin, had separated last month. She told police on Friday that her husband was making harassing phone calls to her. Police were at her home when David happened to call again and he was told to stop and he agreed he would.
The next evening his wife was at a Cheyenne, Wyoming bar and restaurant, Old Chicago, where she was singing on stage. Around midnight she was suddenly shot while performing a song.
Customers scattered and ran for cover to bathrooms, the kitchen, the walk-in refrigerator and everywhere else they could hide. A black pickup truck was seen driving slowly in the parking lot before speeding off after the shooting.
A customer said he heard the gunshot but thought at first it was a speaker that blew up. He then saw Mrs. Munis sprawled out on the floor and the restaurant's glass door break.
Although no one actually saw David Munis fire the shot that killed his wife there is strong suspicion that he was the one who did it. Police are trying to find him for questioning.
Police Capt. Jeff Schulz stated, "We're not certain where he was when he took the shot. It could have been in the parking lot. It could have been a long ways away. We don't know that."
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