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The Chocolate Fondue Fountain: Decadence Beyond Understanding

By M Dee Dubroff     Jul 17, 2007 in Technology
What is the most decadent thing in the world? Surely chocolate flowing freely from a fountain has to be among them somewhere outside the dentist’s office. Read about this gadget only fit for those who have money to burn.
Hands down, if there is any one sweet thing in the whole wide world that everyone loves, it would have to be chocolate. Am I right, folks? There is hardly anything imaginable that tastes better albeit causes more havoc with good old Mr. Tooth Decay, sincere dieters and diabetics trying to pass. Be that as it may; this story must be told.
Europe and the United States remain the leading producers and consumers of chocolate, but the rest of the world is far from lagging behind. It should be no surprise that the practice of fondue has returned to the non-psychedelic modern scene only to wreak pleasure upon all who enter its delectable orbit. The fondue sticks and appetizer pots of the 1960s and 70s are mere bags of shells as Jackie Gleason use to say. Now fondue entertainment has taken a chocolate dimension beyond everyone’s wildest dreams.
A cascading waterfall of chocolate for all to behold. Can it be so? Are we dreaming? Could there possibly be anything more decadent? The chocolate fondue fountain is guaranteed to delight both your taste buds and your guests. This captivating and innovative way to serve scrumptious chocolate is THE WAY to outdo the Jones’s on your block (unless, of course, they have a chocolate fondue fountain too. In which case, you are on your own!)
The fountain requires no pump, melts up to 2 pounds of chocolate and in doing so creates a self sustaining flow of smooth and delectable taboo food for guests to dip goodies like fruit cake, pretzels and even their tongues (when no one is looking of course).
Where can you get one of these? (I thought you would never ask.) The Stainless Steel Fondue Fountain CFF990 is available at Target stores where it sells for $59.99 and at where the price is $52.99. These appear to be the two best buys for this particular type of chocolate fondue fountain.
The Sephra Home Chocolate Fountains are a few steps up from the others in that they don’t list their prices and can hold up to 5 pounds of chocolate. Their difference does not end there however, as they can hold various other fondue dips as well, including caramel, cheese and even salad dressing. In fact, the possibilities for dip are as limited as your own imagination. For the more creative among us, this type of chocolate fountain might be just the thing.
Because few sites that sell this fountain do not list a price range, these waters could run very deep.
Venture carefully as you wade through the bon-bons.
Happy chocolate!
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