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Politics: Your Past And Its Bite You Know Where

By M Dee Dubroff     Jul 17, 2007 in Politics
Even with amnesia, the past creeps up on us all whether we want it to or not. Consider this embarrassing predicament for the mayor of New York City who has lived to experience the past coming back to bite him where the sun doesn’t shine. Read on and may
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg put his best face forward a few years ago on an advertising campaign to decriminalize marijuana that he has lived to regret.
During a recent City Hall press conference when asked directly about the campaign and the group calling for the legalization of marijuana, he was unable to avoid making a statement.
All he said was: “I’m not thrilled about this.”The statement in the ad that he smoked pot and liked it was of course made long before his aspiration for the office of the mayor of the city of New York.
Just goes to show you. We should all probably go through life with duct tape across our mouths. How else can we avoid the inevitable?
Go figure. What do you think?
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