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Unexpected Cell Phone Charms: Can They Find UFOs?

By M Dee Dubroff     Jul 16, 2007 in Technology
Is technology really leading a double life as a science fiction movie looking for a producer? Is art imitating life as we don’t know it yet? So it would seem to the manufacturer of cell phone charms that light up when aliens are near. Read on if you dar
And you thought cell-phone charms were just innocuous teenage jewelry! Ha! Look again and you may find an extra terrestrial peering back at you requesting to borrow your cell phone so that he can …yep, you guessed it, phone home.
The LED (light emitting diode) leads a double life as an alien detector, which can be set up in either automatic or manual mode. In the automatic mode, it monitors the area constantly; in the manual mode you will have to press the big button in order to discover if you are in the company of alien spirits. The charm looks ordinary enough, but it starts to blink when UFOs are near.
Personalize your cell phone strap with this new, different and unique charm. Consider getting one or two for those in your circle who don’t believe. If nothing else, they make great conversation pieces.
Can these ordinary looking charms find UFOs? That most probably depends on whether or not those little suckers want to be found!
Be the first on your block to wear one of these. And then go and hide!
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